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If you would like to contact me, I encourage it.  I welcome all feedback, mutual guest postings, comments, constructive criticism, etc.  I would also LOVE the opportunity to do guest columns for other publications on the web or in print.

Against my better judgement and/prior ethics training, I will also review beer that is sent to me.  I say against my better judgement because I do not wish any review to have the guise of impropriety or that someone would receive a more than favorable review simply because they have sent me free beer.  Don't get me wrong, I love free beer.  However, I place a higher value on a sound reputation and, as I say in several places, "honest evaluations."  Tainted reviews do not help anyone reading, nor myself in remembering truly special craft brews.  Now, all that said I will review beers sent to me with the following understandings:

- I will be calling it as it is.  No sugar coating what-so-ever.  Any beer sent to me for free will be reviewed just as honestly as a beer I buy from the store.

- Any brews received at no charge will be disclosed as just that.  Not only does this help me avoid any sway, but most people think it is pretty sweet that a brewery would send any of its drinkers free stuff.  Honesty and good PR?  That's a win-win.

I look forward to hearing from you!  Prost!