Thursday, May 3, 2012

Equity for Punks

As I talk to more and more craft beer folks, I am finding that Brew Dog's "Equity for Punks" program is not as widely discussed as I imagined.  Long story short?  Brew Dog is  was, raising capital by selling equity (stock) in an online IPO.  This not only gets money to Brew Dog, but gives a feeling of involvement to craft beer drinkers, and a neat way for dedicated customers to feel better connected to the business - a business that they have now helped build.  

This is different than Green Bay Packers "stock" in that GBP stock is not an actual stock nor does it have any monetary value (nor is it transferable).  Equity for Punks, on the other hand, is actual ownership in the company, which can grow in value and be sold after a one year holding period.  They even throw in discounts at all their bars and their online shop AND make certain beers available to you that are rare, early releases, or both! Check out their promo video.

Since they're based in Scotland (hence the cool accents in the video) there was some issue regarding a exchange from dollars to euros.  I wasn't able to purchase the stock with a credit/debit card online, but instead had to send a wire transfer to the UK.  In any case, things finished up nicely.  I got a nice certificate that indicates how many shares I now own and just this last week I received a rather ominous looking, black, plastic envelope in the mail.  Much to my surprise it was the S.W.A.G from Brew Dog  that they had promised for investing in Equity for Punks.  Very cool!  What's in the packet?

A pencil.  Though a #2 wouldn't be very punk.

A sweet keychain/bottle opener

A lapel pin

A temporary tattoo

A big ol' sticker

A small poster
I don't show this because the spoils were so extravagant, but because craft beer is about sharing.  If you weren't able to participate in this Brew Dog experience, that's OK.  Feast your eyes on some items that not everybody gets to see!  This is what my experience was.  Well, this and hopefully a ton of return on my investment.  They didn't even have to send anything besides the stock certificate, but they did and that's pretty cool.  Thanks Brew Dog!

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