Friday, February 8, 2013

Thank You

Fellow craft beer enthusiasts,

     Yesterday I was offered and accepted a new job!  It is with the Rock Island Auction Co., the nation's leading auction house for firearms, edged weapons, and military artifacts.  Essentially, I will be doing exactly what I have been doing here at Sud Savant.  They have hired me to write-up articles on upcoming auction items as well as manage their social media.  This is a dream come true!  Not only is the work something I am familiar with and enjoy doing in my free time, but the subject matter is also exciting and an area of personal interest.  This means two things:

1.  I am going to be spending most of my days on my butt writing about craft beer and/or guns.  In order for me to not gain 400 pounds, I should probably take up a diet of ice cubes, lichens, and on special occasions, lentils.

2.  It gives me a chance to say, "Thank you."  Without all of your hits, comments, "likes," trades, and ever-increasing readership each month, this opportunity may never have happened.  You guys and gals are iron-livered muses and just add more truth to the adage that "craft beer people are good people."  

To celebrate this job and to say thank you, I will be breaking out some beers that I have been holding on to for some time.  Most are expensive.  Some are exotic.  A few are just plain old.  In any case, I hope you enjoy reading about some interesting brews in the near future because I'm going to do my best to pull some fun stuff from the cellar and get to work.  I don't have the world's most exotic collection by any means, but hopefully it'll be something we can both enjoy.  So keep your eyes peeled, keep reading, and thank you.

Super stoked,
Sud Savant


  1. Congrats! New jobs are fun. I have been in the process of finding something closer to home (current 74 mile commute one way just isnt working).

    1. I did 45 miles one way for two years. I hear ya, sir. Best of luck in the hunt!

  2. Awesome news!!! Congratulations Sud!!!!


  3. Beer and guns? Try not to mix business with pleasure!